Kinetic Capability

Kinetic Capability delivers a unique combination of experiential and theory-based leadership training, built around our model of the 4C’s:

In a business context, the development of each of the leadership functions delivers tangible benefits to the individual and to their teams.

Clarity(Vision)Cohesion(Action)Contribution(Intentionality)Character(Values &Standards)

Clarity of Direction

Delivering Leadership Effectiveness by:

Proactively seeking clarity around customer, stakeholder and team needs

Expectation setting: being able to give and receive clear feedback

Being agile: anticipate change and course correct as needed

Building and communicating a compelling vision and strategy for the leader’s area of responsibility

Creating followership: share vision and strategy with conviction, passion and belief

Being decisive: take calculated risk in pursuit of results

Cohesion of Team

Delivering Leadership Effectiveness by:

Enabling individual contributors to collaborate for better results

Creating a values-based climate of trust, care and honesty

Facilitating sharing and reapplication on of learning across the team

Establishing and adhering to clear team standards and processes

Increasing the speed and quality of learning with individuals and teams

Building a spirit of curiosity, productive challenge and innovation

Contribution of Individual

Delivering Leadership Effectiveness by:

Demonstrating individual leadership and drive for results

Listening to other perspectives and seeing the opportunity in difference

Learning continually

Defining goals for self and realistic yet challenging steps to reach them

Modelling a climate of positive spirit and constructive honesty

Being authentic

Character Building

Investing in Personal and Corporate Values & Standards:

Living the values at all times

Developing moral courage

Increasing self-awareness and impact on others

Developing personal standards

Demonstrating personal courage and commitment

Giving and receiving feedback and impact on others

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