Kinetic Capability
  • Course Description
OutlineA 1 – 3 day course, developed to prepare a first time manager of others for the challenge of leading a team in the fast-moving business environment.
Key ElementsChallenging self-discovery exercises, followed by debriefs and appropriate sharing of leadership and management concepts to develop ability to:

Set unambiguous expectations, supported by the leadership presence to inspire action (Clarity)

Set up the team to deliver on those expectations in terms of matching capabilities to roles (Contribution)

Put in place critical team decision processes, supported by a shared way of working (Cohesion)

Foster an internal team climate of trust, as well as ability to work effectively with other teams (Character)

Model: Leader of a High Performance Team

123Clarity(Goal)Leadership& DirectionContribution (Roles)Structure / CapabilitiesCohesion (Process)Way of Working, Information& Decision MakingCharacter (Relationships)Trust in Team & Interactionwith other Teams
OutcomeTeam leaders who are:

Equipped with the theoretical and practical experience of leading and managing teams.

Competent in setting clear expectations and in giving / receiving feedback.

Able to deal with difficult issues that may arise within and between teams.

More confident in their own ability to lead their teams.


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