Kinetic Capability
  • Course Description
OutlineA 4 – 5 day course, created to enable General Managers to lead complex organisations through change.
Key ElementsA combination of neurological leadership theories reinforced by ‘real time’ business leader challenges that develop the most senior leaders ability to:

Diagnose ‘the case for change’ and set a clear / inspiring Vision (Clarity)

Create and role-model a high performance learning culture (Character)

Support organisations, teams and individuals in developing a clear, engaging and realistic plan to deliver on the Vision together (Contribution & Cohesion)

Model: Leader of a Complex Organisation Facing Change

OutcomeGeneral Managers who are accountable, and ready, to lead breakthrough in their organisations as key leader. Specifically, leaders who possess:

The self-awareness to lead themselves and others to their highest potential.

The ability to combine data and intuition in leading the business to winning results.

Knowledge of the art and the science of leadership, sufficient to grow and maintain an organisation for long term delivery.


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