Kinetic Capability
  • Course Description
Outline4 – 5 day board designed to test participant’s capability to operate at a higher leadership level whilst under significant physical, time and resource pressure in an ‘evolving problems’ environment. Sets the bar for future leadership challenges, confirms potential and provides a keystone event in individual development.
Key ElementsA deliberately ‘overwhelming’ set of diverse challenges, designed to test the individual’s resilience, strategic ability and learning agility. Tailored to your needs, the challenges can include:

Personal presentations to a detailed level.

Leadership problems, based on complex commercial and unfamiliar cases (e.g. expedition / NGO scenarios)

‘Distractor’ activities and limited rest / sleep (Character)

OutcomeA highly detailed assessment of the future C-suite leaders performance under significant pressure. This specifically includes:

Personal character assessment + challenge by peer group, subordinates and managers.

A view on the individuals problem solving ability in deliberately overload scenarios.

An insight into the individuals resilience and agility in the context of continuous ‘distraction’ exercises and induced mental / physical fatigue.


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