Kinetic Capability
  • Course Description
OutlineA 2-day course consisting of ‘team activity based tests’ to identify individual leadership potential and future development focus areas.

Expectation setting and feedback are both clearly and explicitly assessed. An environment of ‘productive stress’ is created to deliberately put candidates under pressure whilst fostering team spirit and competitiveness. Standards are set and participants assessed against a development benchmark.
Key ElementsThe course combines assessment activities, group discussion on current affairs and moral dilemmas, 5-minute lecturettes, individual planning exercises together with ‘leaderless’ and ‘leader-led’ team tasks to give a well-rounded assessment of each candidate.

Clear reporting of individual capabilities vs. pre-agreed competencies.

Increased confidence in setting clear expectations and in giving / receiving feedback.

Grading of individuals relative to peers and / or benchmarks.

Identifying leaders for future senior roles.


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