Kinetic Capability
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OutlineA 2-4 day course, created to enable a manager of managers to lead in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world.
Key ElementsBusiness case based exercises combined with outdoor experiential challenges, underpinned by a senior manager leadership model and psychological preference work to enable the leader to:

Assess the landscape and set appropriate objectives (Clarity)

Set and communicate the key priorities required to deliver the objective, such that each individual in the organisation understands their role (Contribution)

Create a high performance climate for individuals and teams (Cohesion)

Foster an internal team climate of trust, as well as ability to work effectively with other teams (Character)

Model: Leader of a High Performance Business

VUCA2345112345Track &AdjustCapabilitiesPrioritiesObjectivesSituational Assessment
OutcomeTeam leaders who are:

Aware of the difference between team and organisational leadership and confident in their ability to make that critical transition.

Able to set, share, track and monitor clear priorities.

Competent in role modelling the leadership that they expect from their team leaders.


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